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For many years, pilots and mechanics with a good understanding of the operation of internal combustion engines have known that the fuel/air distribution in our aircraft piston engines has been less than optimal. With the invention of multi-cylinder engine monitors, many pilots started watching an unsettling graphic display of just how far from "optimal" or "uniform" the cylinders were running in their engines.

GAMI has developed and certified specifications for a set of precision fuel injectors for almost all engines in the current Continental and Lycoming fleet of fuel injected engines. We have STCs and PMAs on over 300 different engine models!

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G100UL Unleaded Avgas: An Update

In the process of getting the FAA approval for the detonation test plan, GAMI ended up having to do a lot of fundamental Research and Development work. That testing resulted in some genuinely new discoveries with respect to comparative detonation testing of unleaded verses leaded aviation gasoline fuel chemistries.
These discoveries at this late stage are truly astonishing given that the automotive and aircraft piston engine world has been doing extensive formal detonation testing since WWI.

The Lean of Peak Saga

In this article from SA Flyer Guy Leitch and Paul Ferraris cover the basics of how GAMIjector® balanced fuel injectors enable you to properly operate your engine leak of peak EGT and provide insights into the myriad benefits of doing so.

... to summarise, we were going two knots faster on 6.6 GPH less fuel. The hottest CHT was 22°F lower than when operating RoP...

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FAA Approved Airplane Flight Manual Supplement

GAMIjector® and turboGAMIjector® fuel injectors, when properly tuned using the GAMI Lean Test procedures and with the aid of an every-cylinder EGT/CHT engine monitor, will allow the engine to operate in a wider range of fuel/air mixture settings than originally available when the Aircraft Flight Manual or Pilot Operating Handbook was first published.
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GAMIjector® fuel injectors save thousands of dollars!

We recently had an email from one of our customers who uses a 1969 Cessna 206, with a Continental IO-520-F to perform repairs and haul parts to remote villages in Alaska for a plumbing and heating company. He has calculated that GAMIjector® fuel injectors saved his business a total of $6,786.00 from March to August of 2012 alone!


Should have installed these a long time ago.

More great feedback. Some of our favorites are from people experiencing the magic of our fuel injectors for the first time:
"I sent my JPI files to John-Paul and my current spread was .9gph, 3 days later my new injectors show up, we installed that day and went up for a quick flight, noticably smoother and a new spread of .5gph. Talked to John-Paul again and he is sending out 3 more injectors to fine tune her to what we hope will get us to a .3gph spread or better." Read more...

Fellow T-34 owners

We have received all the FAA approvals for the ALEC modification including an STC, PMA and an AMOC to A.D. 2004-25-51, completing the certification requirements for returning the T-34A/B airplanes to their originally certificated flight envelope and establishing long-term reinspection intervals for any required inspections.

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Frugal Flyer

How lean of peak can save on more than your fuel bill. There are precious few circumstances in which pilots can cut their fuel burn, reduce costs, and extend the lives of their piston engines at the same time but lean-of-peak engine operations is just such a rarity. Reprinted with kind permission from AOPA Pilot magazine. Read more...

Back to the Future

A review of recent articles in various publications on the subject of leaning piston aircraft engines, and extensive conversations with pilots and mechanics, continuously reveals more misinformation, consistently presented as "gospel," than any subject this writer has observed in some 30 years as a pilot, flight instructor, and aeronautical engineer. Read more...

CMI "Position Tuned" Nozzles?

Just got a new Continental Motors engine? Happy about having their new "tuned" nozzles? We get calls here everyday from people who want to order GAMIjectors because they're just not happy with the new Continental Motors set. But don't take our word for it, see for yourself with actual flight test data that was submitted by some of our customers. We'll let you be the judge.

Experimental Turbocharged Aircraft Owners

We can modify your engines for FTLR™! Full Time Lean Run™ will provide.

  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Cooler CHTs
  • Cleaner Operation
  • Lower Cylinder Pressures
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On the horizon..

Continuing our tradition of combining excellence in engineering with a dedication to developing innovative, high-performance and quality products, we are working with the FAA to bring new and exciting advances to the field of general aviation. Two of these innovations, like our supplemental alternator and electronic ignition system, are featured here on our web pages.