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Ada company develops lead-free fuel to power general aviation industry

The Oklahoman. August 2016

A new fuel that might power the future of the world's general aviation industry filled a small jar in a hangar at Ada Municipal Airport, looking as if it could have been a mug of amber ale.
Tim Roehl, co-founder and president of General Aviation Modifications Inc. (GAMI) placed the jar of newly developed fuel on a table next to a jar of current aviation fuel. The current fuel was tinted blue to indicate it contains lead.
The new fuel was developed solely by Ada's GAMI and is called G100UL for GAMI's 100 Motor Octane Unleaded. It is awaiting certification by the Federal Aviation Administration and is lead-free.
The general aviation world is the final transportation industry holdout still using leaded gasoline, called 100 Low-Lead, as its primary fuel for piston-engine aircraft.
However, the exemption for the use of a leaded fuel allowed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for general aviation aircraft is expiring. That deadline prompted an industrywide consortium to begin working on development of an alternative fuel about a decade ago.
“We became very frustrated with where we saw the industry going in terms of the inability to come up with a successful solution,” Roehl said. “So we began to try to formulate a successful replacement fuel on our own. And after only about six months, we seized upon a formulation and some chemistries that looked to us to be a viable replacement for the 100 Low Lead.”

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