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We get calls here everyday from people wanting to order GAMIjector® fuel injectors for their Continental Motors or Lycoming engine, but some orders become pending due to lack of information.

To determine the correct GAMIjector® fuel injector kit you need, we must know these things. Following are some of the things to look for to determine the required information.

Continental Motors

On the left is a picture of a normally aspirated injector, and on the right is a turbocharged one. The small stamping shown is the size designation we need. The actual numbers/letters are less than 1/8" high, so they can be hard to read. The left injector size reads "D13AA" and the right one reads "14C". These alphanumeric stampings are a size code which relates to the flow rate of the injector. Again, we must know this number to match a correct GAMIjector® fuel injector kit.

Above is a picture of the fuel distribution manifold, sometimes called the "Spider Valve," or fuel divider. This part sits on top of your engine and has fuel lines running out to all of the cylinders. Notice the data placard - on this lies a second clue that can help in determining the correct GAMIjectors kit. Notice the "M" in the upper right hand corner. This "M" or "P" code can tell us which nozzle size this engine shoudl have. However, not all engines have this. Please note that the part number and serial number aren't important for this, so there's no need to take note of it. Only the "M" or "P" code will determine the correct size.

Just for reference, the "M" stands for "minus" and indicates the lower flow rate nozzles, where the "P" stands for "plus" and indicates the higher flow rate nozzles. Note that this is important to maintain the correct pressure relationship, especially with older pressure-driven fuel flow instrumentation. Although we can use this information to determine the right GAMIjectors kit, we prefer to have the injector size first, as shown in the first illustration. This is just a secondary source.

NOTE: Continental engines (new or reman) purchased from Continental after about 2003 will be equipped with a version of their "Position Tuned Nozzles." In those engines, there will be no "M" or "P" code on the mainfold. You can identify them by the black injector shields (vs silver) on the normally aspirated engines. On most of those engines, we generally don't need to know the injector size as CMI standardized those at that time. However, in less common engines there is a chance that we don't know which kit they made standard. If you look at the injector, take note of the 4 digit number (not the "047" or "062" number).


Lycoming engines do not have any size stamps on their injectors. We determine the correct GAMIjector® fuel injector kit from your exact engine model. Example: IO-320-AIA. There are however, things to look for on turbo engines. The picture below shows a factory turbo nozzle assembly, complete with the air collar. This is the part with the tube sticking out.

The reason we need to know whether your collars are straight or angled (bent), is because we replace that part to match our injectors. Shown below is a picture of turbo Lycoming GAMIjector® fuel injector equipped with the air collar. We also provide the necessary washers and o-rings.

This information is provided to you, our customers, to better serve both of our needs. If there are any questions, please let us know. Also, be sure to visit the FAQ!

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