Continental Motors, Inc. "Position Tuned" Nozzles

Just got a new Continental Motors engine? Happy about having their new "tuned" nozzles? We get calls here everyday from people who want to order GAMIjector® fuel injectors because they're just not happy with the new Continental Motors set. But don't take our word for it, see for yourself with actual flight test data that was submitted by some of our customers. We'll let you be the judge. See the paragraph at the bottom of the page for some further explanation.

A recent email:

To the Fine Folks at GAMI

I would like to share my experience with the recent installation of GAMI injector nozzles in my 2008 Mooney Acclaim with a TSIO-550-G twin turbo-charged engine. This engine from the factory has a TCM tuned injection system with position tuned injector nozzles. After doing a GAMI flight test to measure the actual fuel flow spread I learned that my tuned engine was actually 1.0gph spread from the first cylinder to peak to the last cylinder peak. After installing the GAMI precision matched injector nozzles my GAMI spread is now 0.3gph.

My engine now runs smoother, idles better and at a lower RPM and runs totally smooth at 85F LOP. What a fantastic improvement on what was a factory tuned engine. If you are thinking about GAMI injectors move forward and do it!! It is only about a 2 hour installation for your local mechanic and will transform your aircraft into a more economical and cleaner burning transportation platform. The savings will payback very quickly.

John Balow

Click the images for a closer look at a B55 Baron test.

B55 Baron Left Engine
B55 Baron Right Engine

Here's another that was faxed in from an A-36 owner.


Another exchange:

We have three 206's with the Atlantic Aero IO-550N modifications installed. These engines come from Continental Motors with their "Position-tuned nozzles." Unfortunately, we did a GAMI test on our newest installation and found a 1.6 gal/hr spread between the leanest and richest cylinders. We confirmed the nozzles were in the correct positions as per the part numbers.

Do you make nozzles to fit these engines? How do they compare to the Continental Motors nozzles? I think the base hex fits a 7/16" socket rather than a 1/2" socket. What do you charge for a set of six nozzles to fit this engine configuration?

We hear that all the time. We do make nozzles for that application and we can get that spread much closer.

Another that was downloaded from a IO-550D-equipped Cessna and emailed in.

An IO-550D-equipped Cessna

The latest, from a normally aspirated SR22 (IO-550N) with Continental Motors' "position tuned" injector nozzles.

A normally aspirated SR22 (IO-550-N) with TCM's position tuned injector nozzles

In all of the IO or TSIO-360 and -470 engines, all IO-520 engines, and all but one TSIO-520 engine, the "position tuned" nozzles are the same flow rate on every cylinder. They are not tuned in any way. On the TSIO-520-UB engine, and all of the IO/TSIO-550 engines, there is some postional tuning performed. However, in most of those engines the tuning has made the wrong cylinders richer and the wrong cylinders leaner. The result is that the "GAMI Spread" is worse in those engines with the position tuned injectors than it was with the previous standard injectors. They also lack the ability to be fine-tuned to narrow the GAMI Spread further as you can accomplish with the GAMIjectors® fuel injectors.


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