GAMIjector® fuel injectors will save you money

We recently had an email from one of our customers who uses a 1969 Cessna 206, with a Continental IO-520-F to perform repairs and haul parts to remote villages in Alaska for a plumbing and heating company. He has calculated that GAMIjector® fuel injectors saved his business a total of $6,786.00 from March to August of 2012 alone!

We invite you to check these calculations for yourself.

Breakdown of savings

Based on about 250 hours

  • I was running before LOP 23 square 15 GPH, now I run about 11.8 GPH, savings about 3.2 GPH times about 220 hours (not all hours are LOP).
    220 gallons at $5.50 per gallon comes out to $3,873.00

  • About a third of those hours would have been on fuel prices in the villages, so 220 divide by 3 gives about 75 gallons bought at $9 per gallon (village bush price) instead of in town at $5.50 per gallon.
    Add another $300

  • Oil is cleaner now, i.e. 50 hour (LOP) intervals verses 25 hour (ROP). Basically half the changes. Five less oil changes in 250 hours times at $250 per oil change.
    Takes me about 20 days to put on 50 hours!
    Another $1,250.00

  • I no longer have to fly off my round robin GPR DIRECT route because I have more range and off course fueling is no longer required.
    220 hours divide by 7 hours (average cross country) equal about 31 times in 250 hours, discounted 25% for short runs where it doesn't apply gives about 24 times times. Each of those 24 times takes about 30 minutes so that's 12 hours flight time (in 250 hours) and gas at about $165 per hour, air time with gas.
    Another $1,980.00

  • Deviating from my GPS DIRECT route to pick up fuel adds another descent and climb out. About 24 times, multiplied by an average of 6 gallons per climb times $9 per gallon.
    Another $1,296.00

Sub Total $8,699.00

Now! In anticipation of the nay sayers (the dinosaur conventional wisdom, ancestral worship type pilots) who say that math is very questionable! I will further discount these figures to 78% (22% off)!

Total Savings $6,786.00

Feel free to challenge my math. Others have already tried and failed.


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