GAMI's supplemental alternator

This supplemental alternator is driven off an accessory drive pad on the back of the engine. With ample capacity to run virtually all primary equipment in the case of primary alternator failure, the Supplenator alternator will automatically come on-line to carry additional load in an emergency. No clutches to exercise or fail when you need reliability most.

The digital panel display unit monitors both alternators voltage and current. With new circuitry for reliable voltage regulation, load management and expansion for powering our electronic ignition system, the Supplenator alternator is truly state of the art. It's even self-exciting. That means that even if your battery shorts internally, the Supplenator alternator will self-start without the battery on-line to provide you with power and safety.

Pressure/Vacuum measurement is available.


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Pressure Reactive Intelligent Spark Management

At last, technology that will not only update our ignition systems to the 21st Century, but will go beyond the multi-sensor automobile style FADEC systems of the OEMs.

Using proprietary hardware and software developed by GAMI, the PRISM spark management system continuously monitors and controls the cylinder combustion pressures for location relative to top dead center and for safeguarding the engine from detonation. This allows for the use of lower octane, unleaded fuels and improved performance at the same time. Certification is expected soon.

Read what Kitplanes had to say about GAMI's PRISM spark management system in this article on the future of AvGas.


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