September 1, 2010
Re: ALEC Deposit/W.S. 66 Fix Order Form

Fellow T-34 Owners,

I am pleased to report that we have received all the FAA approvals for the ALEC modification including an STC, PMA and an AMOC to A.D. 2004-25-51, completing the certification requirements for returning the T-34A/B airplanes to their originally certificated flight envelope and establishing long-term reinspection intervals for any required inspections. We are now shipping and installing these kits at all of the Authorized Installation Centers. Current pricing for the ALEC kit is $10,000.00. (Estimated installation is $2,500.00). We will now accept deposits against additional ALEC kits. This deposit is non-refundable, but transferrable to another aircraft that might order this modification at a later date, whether you find that person or they might come to me. We just want to be sure that as we order parts at this point, we will have a place to put them. We now have over 125 T-34s in line to install this modification.

The FAA has released a one year extension (an AMOC) of the May 15, 2010 deadline date referenced in our earlier AMOC to A.D. 2004-25-51 which we have shared with the fleet of T-34s at no charge. In accordance with that AMOC, by June 15, 2011 the airplane must have completed an installation of an approved modification such as our ALEC at one of the approved installation centers or be grounded.

Unless other AMOCs have been implemented or are planned, in order to effect long term compliance with A.D. 2001-13-18R1 and return the airplane to its original flight envelope, our "W.S. 66 Fix" needs to be installed on the rear spar of the wings, assuming either the T-34 Spar Corp. Doubler Plate or Nogle and Black Common Spar has been installed on/in place of the Main Wing Spars. These kits are available today for $2,500.00. Installation of the "W.S. 66 Fix" is estimated at $2,500.00 and takes about a week, if no problems are noted.

To place a deposit, please complete the form and send a check with that information to T-34 Spar Corp., 2800 Airport Rd., Ada, OK, 74820. Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Feel free to call me at 580-436-4833 if you have any questions.

Best regards,
T-34 Spar Corp.

Tim Roehl


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