LiquidAir Baffle

Fuselage side louvers

Developed using the latest state-of-the-art technology, GAMI's LiquidAir Baffle kit for Bonanzas* provides the utmost in cylinder head temperature control. Providing improved cooling and uniformity, the LiquidAir Baffle Kit replaces specific elements of the existing Beechcraft baffling and adds additional flow through the addition of fuselage side louvers. Aerodynamic design smooths airflow into engine compartment, reduces drag and directs cooling air properly to cylinders.

"I recently ordered the #6 baffle kit for my 1987 A-36 after experiencing higher than desired cylinder temps.

My fuel flow is set at redline at 30-31 GPH at sea level in takeoff, but on warm days I was seeing ch temps of up to 405F on the #6 during climb. This is about 20-40F higher than the others and was the hottest.

After the install, it is now the coolest, with temps dropping 40F in all phases of flight."

- Ross B.
Improved Sealing

Improved sealing on rocker arm covers eliminates leaks and maximizes available cooling air. Designed for easy installation and maintainability, the LiquidAir Baffle kit, will help keep your engine cool and will contribute to longer engine life.

Proven in flight tests of turbonormalized IO-520 and IO-550 installations in Bonanzas where the extra heat and power generated at altitude becomes a critical design requirement, the LiquidAir Baffle kit has been shown to reduce CHT's by an average of 25-30 F. This technology is now available for normally-aspirated Bonanzas with IO-520 (285HP) and IO-550 (300HP) engines.

Experience better climb and cruise performance with lower operating costs and less fuel burn. Save $ in maintenance and fuel costs over the lifetime of your engine.

Two-piece rear bridge plate

The LiquidAir Baffle Kit consists of a two piece rear bridge plate with a choice of blue or black reinforced silicone seal. The system provides for the removal of upper cowl baffles (hanging baffles) for those aircraft that are so equipped and replaces them with rocker arm cover mounted side trays which seal against flow plates which are added to the insides of the cowl doors.

Improved Sealing

Improved temperature uniformity is achieved through specific cylinder cooling designs. Cylinders #2 and #6 which typically run the hottest have specialized configurations which provide improved airflow and significantly cooler CHTs. In fact, we would expect these cylinders to no longer be the hottest two! Side louvers are optional (but strongly recommended) and are installed below and to the rear of the existing removable cheek plates in the fuselage.

*STC'd for "S" Models and later.


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