Osborne by GAMI Tip Tanks

"Osborne by GAMI" tip tanks pricing information:

Bonanza Tip Tank Kit: $18,900 with Whelen 650 LED Nav/Strobes.
$750 credit if you are reusing Whelen 650 Nav/Strobes already installed in your wing tips.

This is a transfer pump system. Fuel is transferred from the tip tanks into the main tanks by an electric fuel pump mounted in each wing.
Transfer is initiated by a cockpit operated switch and will shutoff automatically when the tip tank is empty. The transfer can also be manually cancelled with the transfer switch.


All of the tip tanks come with some gross weight increase. 36, A36, G36, and A36TC models with a 300 HP engine and tip tanks installed can purchase an additional gross weight increase.
This additional STC will give you a GTOW of 4011 lbs. This optional STC is $1295 if purchased with the tip tank kit. It will be $1995 if purchased at a later date, or purchased for an aircraft that has previously installed Brittain/Osborne tip tanks.

Installation time is estimated as 50-60 hours.
Installed and painted price is $26,500.

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Osborne Tanks

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