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To place your order, please collect the aircraft and engine information listed on the order form. You DO NOT need to provide a GAMI Lean Test in prior to placing your order, though if you chose to do so, we will gladly evaluate and discuss those results with you. After installing your new fuel injectors, you should perform the GAMI Lean Test. That will allow us to further fine-tune the nozzles if the fuel/air ratio distribution is not as good as we would want it to be.

Please download our order form, then print and fax the form to 580-436-6622, or email it to us at

GAMIjector Fuel Injector Pricing

2022 Pricing

GAMIjector fuel injector kits*

Continental and Lycoming 6 cylinder Normally Aspirated   $1049
Lycoming 4 cylinder Normally Aspirated $849
Lycoming 8 cylinder Normally Aspirated $1,349

TurboGAMIjector fuel injector kits*

Continental 6 cylinder turbo   $1,199
Lycoming 6 cylinder turbo $1,349
Lycoming 4 cylinder turbo $1,049

* Note: Injector kits are supplied with O-rings, washers, and gaskets if appropriate, STC and permission letter, Sample 337, Certificate of Conformity, Installation Instructions, Flight Manual Supplement, Identification Plates and Fuel Line Tags.

Fuel lines and upper deck seals or tubes (if applicable) are not included. We do not offer those items  

Miscellaneous Items

Exchange GAMIjector® kit for non-compatible injector size on new engine 25% off list
Replace lost or broken GAMIjector® or TurboGAMIjector® nozzle $249
Balance/Adjust service for existing GAMIjectors® Free for first year
$199 thereafter
Stock, as-removed, Continental or Lycoming nozzle (except tuned induction CMI) $149
Stock, as-removed, tuned induction CMI nozzle (GTSIO, TSIO-550, IO-550-G, N, R, P) $249
Clean, Flow, plates and tags
(Same engine SN)
Clean, Flow, plates and tags
(New STC permission letter for new engine SN)
New STC permission letter with plates and tags $349
Replacement plates and tags only $25 each
$100 per kit

O-ring kits

ORW-4    Turbocharged 4 cylinder $12
ORW-6    Turbocharged 6 cylinder $18
ORW-8    Turbocharged 8 cylinder $24
ORW-6TI   Normally-aspirated IO-550-G, N, P, R $12
ORW-6TIGT  TSIO-550-G, K, TNIO-550-N and GTSIO-520s $22


Your GAMIjector® fuel injectors or turboGAMIjector® fuel injectors are shipped in exchange for your existing set of injectors as removed from your operating engine. If you fail to return your old injectors to GAMI within 30 days after you have received your GAMIjector® fuel injectors or or turboGAMIjector® fuel injectors we will charge your credit card an additional $250.00 "core charge."

Satisfaction Guarantee

It is very rare that someone wants to return a set of GAMIjector® fuel injectors or turboGAMIjector® fuel injectors as we can ALMOST ALWAYS vastly improve the fuel/air ratio imbalance in the engine. If the fuel/air ratio balance is not perfect "out of the box," we can fine-tune the nozzle installation to achieve the desired balance through a cooperative effort between GAMI and the aircraft operator. We want to have the opportunity to perform that service, but if you aren't completely satisfied after this effort, you can return them for a full refund of your purchase price.


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